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How To Get Contact Details For Media

Business : PR

When you have your press release and your target audience you need to know send it to the relevant media you want to approach. This can be a problem - where do you get all those addresses from? Sometimes even when you buy a copy of the magazine or paper it is hard to find relevant address or contact details!

Well, there are some press release distribution services run by PR companies you could try, if you are prepared to spend some money. If not, then you can do simple things like look at the company website which will normally contain some form of contact details.

There are also directories out there, one of the best free resources is called Media UK - http://www.mediauk.com/.

If you want to spend some money, the Hollis Media Directory is very comprehensive thought it does come it at over 100.

The bottom line: if you spend a little money these details are easy to come by; if not then you can spend quite a while researching but should get there in the end.

By: Job Expert

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