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How To Get Sexy Eyebrows

Beauty : Teens And Beauty

Well defined eyebrows can really set off your face in all the right ways. But how do you get them looking just the way you want?

The most important thing is never to do them in a rush - always take your time over it. This probably means doing it in the evening. The other advantage here is that any redness will go down during the night - pluck in the morning and have red patches all day!

Note that slant edged tweezers will give most control so the best to use. Also work close to the root of each hair to ease pain and get it out the most easily.

Mae sure that you don't really go to town, which can be tempting, as then you might end up with no brow at all - drawing in with pencil just looks silly!

By: Stephanie

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hellOee im 14 how wldd youu pluck your eyebrows get defined sexyy eyebrowss?? --...
- Mon, Aug 31st 2009

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