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How To Get The Right Overseas Property

Money : Overseas Property

To get the right overseas property, only say 'yes' to a house that you have no doubts about.


Because in your home country you might have a much better feel for the market, and any little repairs you will know how to get done.

Overseas you need to be less forgiving, as it will be much harder for you to see to little repair jobs. Therefore only go for something you have no qualms about.

To ensure you get the right property, you need to play some mind games.

Imagine the property - if in a sunny clime - on a miserable wet weekend when the weather is cold. Would it still be so attractive then?

If at all possible, let the initial excitement to buy abroad die down before even visiting properties - this way you will be more critical and realistic and not too eager to gloss over any alarm bells in your eagerness to buy.

Buy property abroad in haste and you'll repent at leisure.

By: Fred

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