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Happiness: Perception And Reality

Self Development : Happiness

Many emotional states are based very heavily on two concepts: perception and reality.

More specifically, since emotional states are personal to us, they are based on OUR perception and reality. Both of these together drive our happiness.

For instance, if you have a decent salary, your own house, in and of itself you might be happy. But often perception of reality ruins this - your neighbour is richer, better looking, has a great relationship, drives a great car and has loads more friends.

This perception makes you miserable because you want to be like them. Whereas the reality of the situation may be that they are jealous of you for some other reason; their life is never as rosy as it looks.

It is by shifting your attitude to perception and reality that can turn you from unhappy to happy.

What does that mean in practice? It means that you should alter your perceptions of the world around you: rather than biasing it against you all the time and making your reality worse than that for others, change it around so that your perception shows you off in the best possible light.

By doing this the worries of the world will lift from your shoulders and happiness will be much easier to come by. Note that this is not self-deception: the perception that we apply to other people normally is weigh off the mark of reality, so it is merely addressing the balance back in your favour, where in reality it probably is all along.

By: Stephanie

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