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How To Have Good Dental Hygiene

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Many people do not spend the time that is needed to keep their teeth and gums really healthy.

However some experts now recommend that a minute or two is not enough - we should spend at least three minutes brushing our teeth.

The key is not to brush too hard as that can actually be damaging and leads to gums receeding which is bad news.

The other crucial factor is that you should make sure that you do all areas of the tooth - many people do not clean the back of the teeth but only the front, but bacteria can get anywhere so it is essential that you concentrate on all areas of the teeth.

The other thing is to floss between teeth at least a couple of times a week - this gets out any food or plaque between teeth that ordinary brushing cannot access.

By: Stephanie

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If you also use a good mouthwash a few times a week, and visit ure dental practitioner every 6 months or less, u will heve even betta results. Good job though steph!!:)

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