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How To Deal With Body Odor

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Scrub A Dub Dub

Doc Says:

Some people think that all they need to do is jump in the shower, and do a once over. Wrong answer. You need to pay particular attention to the armpits ,and the groin. On a hot day, these two area can smell pretty offensive around other people.

Use a deodorant soap. It will hinder the return of bacteria. How often you need to scrub will depend on your body chemistry.

If your not sure weather or not your clean enough, ask a friend.

Remember the sweat glands work a day and night shift. So if you?re a pretty smelling repulsive person, you need to shower day and night.


Cotton will absorb perspiration, better than any synthetic materials. The absorbed sweat is than free to evaporate from the fabric.

Now If You Really.
Smell upstairs and down, get to the pharmacy. You need to purchase an anti- bacterial scrub. It?s sold over the counter.
You may have to get the pharmacists assistance. .
Don?t laugh some people really smell gross, and need help.

You can purchase a deodorant to mask the upstairs problem. But will do nothing for the downstairs. You may need to get a drug for that.

Watch What You Eat.
Extracts of proteins and oils from certain foods and spices remain in the body?s excretions and secretions for hours, after eating them and can impart an odor. Fish, cumin, curry, and garlic lead the list.

Pine To The Rescue.
You could use pine soap. It will mask the odor and leave you smelling like a forest.
If this isn?t your style, try good old fashion glycerin soap.

Keep Calm.
Take it easy. Calm down. Getting sexually excited will only make you smell worse.
If you can?t remedy the situation, than plaster on the deodorant in the morning.
Maybe you should try meditating. When dogs smell they dounce them in tomato juice.
Maybe it will work for you..

By: Bev

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