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How To Improve Personal Hygiene

Health And Fitness : Hygiene

Personal hygiene is all about doing simple things and doing them often.

For instance, make sure that you always wash your hands after going to the toilet - my male friends tell me that in the urinals many men simply do their business then walk out!

Washing hands should include a thorough application of soap to the whole hand not just the fingertips, and be worked in to the hand too and hands rubbed together - this will stop any problems with bacteria or other nasties.

Also be sure to wash your hair every few days and bath or shower every day and use shower gel or soap all over.

Brush your teeth at least once a day, ideally twice, and also floss on a regular basis.

When you wash your face also be sure to wash your neck something that many people miss out.

Bottom line: exercise due care in yourself and your body will look after you too.

By: Stephanie

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