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How To Improve Your Google Ranking

Computing : Web Sites

Google is a global phenomenon. Whilst not the only search engine in town, it's the only one people think of and, invariably, use.

So you need a good ranking there for your site if you want decent traffic levels. How?

The search engine optimisation market is booming, but here are some simple tips on getting a good placement:

- Make the most of your title tags. Make them as relevant to the page content as possible.

- Be conscious of the key phrases you think searchers will use to find your site, and ensure you drop them into your text, in a sensible manner (never degrade the quality of your copy)

- Use your meta tags. Whilst it seems Google does not take them into account for ranking, they will display with your search results and can help get people through to your site

- Use alt tags for images - this is good practice anyway for accessibility reasons

- Do not use JavaScript, Flash and ideally not images for key links - use simple text links; easier to navigate for search engines

- Ensure that you submit your site to as many relevant directories as possible. Get in touch with webmasters of similar sites and try to foster reciprocal links. Links pay a key part in your ranking.

By: Stephen

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