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Increase Your Property Value: Repairs

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In general, you should ensure that repairs are carried out before they are needed, rather than when they are needed.

This means that prevention is better than cure and when it comes to houses it certainly is as of course repairs usually get more expensive when they are necessary as the damage may already be done.

This couples with the fact that when it is needed urgent a repair is always harder to get and you are prepared to pay more for a quick service.

Therefore maintain a good house log of all repairs and updates that are carried out, almost running the maintenance of the house as a project which in many ways is a good way to view it.

Overall, keep the house in a good state of repair and certainly have any necessary repairs done before a survey is carried out on a property, as a bad survey result can really put people off buying a property and therefore slash the value that you can get for it.

By: Fred

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