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How To Keep Cats Off Furniture

Pets : Cats

To keep cats off furniture and any other items in the house that you want to protect without chemicals and in a humane way what can you do?

You should use the fact that citrus smells are a deterrent to cats and they won't venture near them.

However for you of course the lemon scent is normally a pleasant smell.

Therefore spray with lemon scented water, and this is sure to deter the cats.

By: Fred

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Unfortunately that doesnt work - I have tried allsorts to stop my cats and have had no joy - if anyone has any tips please let me know!

My suggestion is to tell your cat gently to stop jumping on the stuff. You can also buy him/her a special cat bed, or even make your own!

Hi, i have two cats and the easiest way to keep them off furniture was to try lots of different fabrics/ materials see what they like ( you will easily spot what they like) then drape that over where you want them to go. my female cat was a bit of a pain as she always lay on my fabric washing bag but i just changed this with a cotton one now we're both happy. i have cat free washing and she has new bed

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