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Letting Your Foreign Home: Setting Prices

Money : Overseas Property

Setting prices when renting out your home abroad can be tricky.

You want to pitch at a level where people will still buy but at the same time you want to make it worth your while.

A good way is to bear in mind any costs that you have to meet, for instance the agent may take a large percentage of rental income if you use one - in the region usually of 10 - 30%.

Also remember running costs and bills that you will have to fork out for - general maintenance and so on.

Also, research what other similar properties in the area are going for. This will act as a good guide.

Then if you judge your property to be a little better, set slightly higher, and of course if not quite so attractive then set a little lower.

You will soon get a good feel for the market depending on the appetite for your property. Also do research with similar houses or properties to let - phone up and say you're interested in booking and what weeks could you have...

This way you will see how popular your 'rivals' are and can see what the best ones are doing and try and emulate the way they sell and market their home abroad.

By: Fred

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