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Make Jeans Tighter

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Make sure you have a sewing machine that works.
Try on your jeans and eye approximately where you want inches to come off, and how many you want to come off.
Take off your jeans and turn them inside out.
Turn on your machine.
Start at the crotch. Keep your jeans completely together and start at one side. What you are essentially doing is creating a new seam. Press down on the pedal and the machine will propel your jeans towards you.
Try to keep your line straight, and work your way down, making the excess jean bigger as you get towards the bottom if you are making the flare smaller.
When you get to the very bottom, press the reverse sewing lever for just a moment to secure your stitch.
Repeat on the other leg.
Try pants on. If they feel right, turn the pants inside out and cut off the excess denim to the thread. This is not difficult, but make sure you have sharp scissors.
Voila! You have jeans that actually fit now!

By: Marianne

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