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Make School Uniform Sexy

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Okay, so, you know those geeky sweaters, dorky ties, and oversized skirts they call a school uniform? Well, what if you had the chance to make that disaster look hot? A girl could only wish, right? Not really. If you still have to wear them, check out these steps on how to achieve that glamour girl look with those same plain garments.

Make that oversized grandma skirt the "right size" (or a size smaller, depending on what you want to accomplish). You will need a pair of scissors, but please don't cut anything until you accurately measure where you want the skirt to reach on your body. Some girls roll their skirts up at the top. That works too, unless you have a dean who will make you roll it back down. That's why cutting it works. You can't put the pieces back on, right? Plus, you eliminate the possibility of sitting down and unrolling the back. Most people won't tell you that it happened, and that's just as embarrassing!
Get funky with that wack-looking tie. If you have to wear those ties that cross in the front, try buying male ties. They can be clip-ons or regular ties because both work fine. Ties can also be worn as belts! Simply tie two ties together and wear it around your waist. The best way to do it is to tie it just like a regular tie. It's sexy too...ummmm hmmm.
Another important step is to make sure your shirt is not too baggy. Try to get a size smaller than you normally wear unless your breasts are too big. If that's the case, try tucking it in as far as it will go and open a button or two in the front. That part goes for any shirt. Never wear it buttoned to the top, even if you choose to wear the tie. Also, sometimes rolling up the sleeves on a long sleeve shirt makes it look cooler, and it also can make the shirt look less huge on you.
Make sure your socks make a statement. If you have to wear a certain type of sock, definitely follow the rules for those kinds of socks. For example, if you must wear knee socks (which could be cute...think Britney Spears), make sure your skirt is above your knee so we can actually see the tops of socks.
Walk with confidence. It doesn't matter how cool your outfit is (or is not). If you can't "work" it, nobody will notice.

By: Marianne

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