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Negotating Price On Overseas Property

Money : Overseas Property

If you are buying abroad, then be sure that you do actively engage in negotiations on price!

In almost every country, the price stated is not always that at which they will expect to receive levels and at any rate go underneath.

Therefore be prepared to offer prices just as you would at home in most countries.

Particularly if you are buying in an up and coming tourist area, prices are often set too high on purpose to see if they can 'get lucky' as the unsuspecting foreigner comes in and snaps up a place at over the odds, on the unguaranteed seduction of future returns from growth in the area.

Therefore expect in the region of 10 - 20% off the price in most areas.

Ensure that you always check local property magazines first and even talk to some locals to get a good idea of a fair current price in the region before parting with your cash.

By: Fred

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