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How To No If A Guy Likes You

Relationships : Teenagers

Firstly he wont throw a tauntrom if you go ans sit next to him. eye contact if he looks at you a lot he might liek you. if when his frends go past and they look at you then they look at him he fancies you or if your lound he probalyy lieks you if your quiet he proably dos enot have a chance whith you

By: Marriyah

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Ok,,,, That dont help anybody.

He Likes You:
.He Makes ALot Of Eye Contact
.He Smiles,And Likes To See You SMile
.He Acts Funny To Impress You
.His Feet Always Point Towards You When Your Talking
.He Likes Being Around You

He Dont Like You:
.He Ignores You
.He Laughs at you
.He calls You Names
other stuff like that.

Now that is use full! :)

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- Fri, Jan 2nd 2009

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