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How To Pick Out A Horses Hoof

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Start with the front left foot, grasp firmly and lift the foot backwards. start at the side of the frog and pick out towards the toe. do each side of the frog then the rest of the hoof area always working towards the toe. do left back next, then right front then right back.

By: D Blakeman on Sat, Apr 27th 2002

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You may find it easier, when you have a horse with considerably large feet, to rest his front feet between your knees and clamp it there firmly. this gives you more grip and you will find it much easier to pick it out.
with hind feet, pull his foot out to the side slightly and back, rest it on your inside thigh, keeping your back as straight as possible and your knees bent, a well mannered horse will allow you to do this with no qualms. it also saves your back

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