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How To Protect Your Eyes At Work

Computing : Computer Health

Eye strain can be a serious problem for people at work. There are two forms of problems that can occur to the eye.

One is simply through focussing permanently at one direction or distance, like the monitor. The second is a strain caused by there being a poor quality monitor, and potentially light shining on the monitor that makes it very hard to see what is on it.

With the latter you must, must ensure you have a good monitor that you can see clearly. Make sure therefore there is no direct light source on the monitor from the sun for instance and if so use the blind to block it off as soon as it becomes an issue.

With the first, try to take a break every twenty minutes from looking at the screen, even if its just doing some paperwork for a minute or staring into space for a minute just to change the focus for your eyes.

By: Fred

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