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How To Remove Matted Fur

Pets : Cats

If your cat has matted fur, then then are simple steps you can take to stop remove the issue.

Note first and foremost that regular grooming of your cat will make this much less likely to occur, so ensure that you are grooming the cat as often as you should be for your breed!

With that noted, try to use your fingers to work out matted fur. If that doesn't work, then use scissors instead.

Always ensure that you don't touch the skin of the cat instead of the fur! Remain calm and gentle in your touch. To catch the cat in a good mood, this often works best when he or she is contented after a nice feed!

By: Stephanie

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This can be very stressful for the animal so the trick is to work quickly. Try teasing the knot out with a brush/comb first if that doesnt work cut the knot in half and this should allow you to tease it apart but please be very careful not to cut the skin if you are not confident then take the animal to the vet. For knots that will not untangle I personally would cut them out rather than stress the animal but again if you are not confident in doing this take the animal to the vets.

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