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How To Revise Effectively

Education : Exams And Revision

When revising for exams make a small diagram of topics to do with each subject. Then give each topic an initial and try and make a short word of each relevant initial. It's easier to remember the word which will lead you to other answers to do with the subject. I used this method of revising for GCSEs and gained 6 A passes.

By: Katie on Wed, Jun 12th 2002

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Ok, this isn't going to pass your exam for you but ... it is said that the herb rosemary helps!

If you have a sprig of rosemary nearby, so that you can smell it while you are revising, and you then take a sprig into your exam (if you're allowed) it's scent will supposedly take you back to the last time you smelt it thus helping you to remember the facts you revised.

If you aren't able to use a sprig of fresh rosemary, try a few drops of the essential oil on a hanky.

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