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Sagittarius And Love

Relationships : The Zodiac And Love

People under this star sign when it comes to relationships and their characteristics tend to ge quite independent.

This means that they might struggle a little before settling down and moving in together and like to take things at a steady pace. But this is no bad thing at all particularly if you want a stable relationship that lasts a long time, indeed it is probably quite a good thing overall for sure.

They value the truth and therefore in relationships you can usually be sure that they are not hiding things from you, and the openness they value can be good and healthy for a relationship just as long as they are revealing things that you want to know!

They tend to be quite tolerant of others which is a good thing so if you have any annoying habits they won't just walk away, though of course they will want to point them out straight away and try to help you resolve them before they do become an issue for the relationship.

As they like honesty then in fact relationships tend to be quite good, and they are also quite creative and so the loving side of your relationship should also be quite good.

By: Ivor Star-Zine

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