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How To Save On Banking Costs

Money : Banking

Most bank processes for which you are charged money, are because they involve some manual element to the process.

By sticking to basic payment methods and using online banking, you can usually substitute expensive processes with free ones.

If you don't use internet banking, it is definitely worth considering.

Not only will you probably save money, you can also save directly on things like stamps when paying credit card bills - and also pay them a little later as you won't have to allow ages for posting as well.

By: Stephen

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When online banking was first initiated, we joined five banks. It took a few dollars and a form to be filled out. Four of the five flunked within a month and I closed out our accounts immediately (no ATM, limited access to our web account, checks not free, limited bill pay, et cetera). Only one survived our tests and we've been with it ever since. We pay nothing for their services, nothing. In fact, they pay us about $100 per year to have an account with them (small daily interest on money in the account). Our retirement checks go into the account automatically and all our monthly bills are paid for free and automatically, including postage, etc. Also we are given multiple free credit/debit cards. Those services, I understand now, are common with many banks.

They have not screwed up once on any part of our account in the past six years.

I will tell anyone who asks via an email to me the name of the successful one 'cause I don't want to appear an advocate for any particular bank.

Neat stuff if you haven't already done it.

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