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Self Employment: Working With Clients

Business : Self Employment

One interesting aspect of working with clients is that you will no doubt have your own strong opinions as to what needs to be done and should happen, whilst this will not match the client.

Often they will want a job done simply and quickly without all the bells and whistles that would enhance the outcome but from their point of view are not necessary.

This is where you will need to learn to influence well when something really needs to occur, but also be philosophical when it comes to toeing the companies line and respecting what they want.

In other words you need to be both professional whilst realistic and ensuring that you complete the contract you were employed for in order to get fully paid!

It may also be necessary on some occasions to get staff on side if they perceive you as some outside threat taking a job that they could have done from them, and they will know you are almost certainly on a lot more money than them too!

By: Fred

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