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Success - Do Essential Tasks First

Self Development : Success

Doing that which has to be done first is the key criterion for success.

Many people will not start the critical or detailed items on their to do list giving an artificial sense of satisfaction as they cross off the minor 'to do' items on their list.

So what should you do instead? Well, always try to tackle the hardest thing to do first.

Too many are scared of failure or not getting perfection in what they do, yet ironically the biggest way of doing this is not to even attempt something important.

Remember that a lot of the value of something often comes from the first 15 to 25% of work done on a project.

Thus you should always be true to your list and tackle the priorities first. And if they are smaller things but still priorities then you can be more relaxed for the rest of the day once they have been achieved.

By: Fred

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