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How To Take The Bite Out Of Pests

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Flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fire ants. Many names, and many species. But all share the same name ? Bug?. Why because they bug the daylights out of us.

These rarely require medical attention.
There are people who have allergic reactions, and need to seek a doctor .

Here are some tried and true ways to help with the pain.

Treat It Like A Tough Steak.
Rub on some meat tenderizer containing papain . It can take the ouch out.
Make a paste with water, and tenderizer. Apply directly to the bite as soon as possible. For severe itching and swelling apply calamine lotion.

Try Mud Relief.
Just pack some mud on the bite. Don?t know why it works, but it does.

Clean Bites Thoroughly.
Flies and mosquitoes can spread disease. Wash all bites thoroughly with soap and water. Also apply an antiseptic.

Rely On Thiamine.
People whose diets are high in Thiamine , have fewer bites. This vitamin gives off an odor when you perspire, that insects despise. But is undetectable to humans. .
Whole grains are good sources.

Don?t Hold Back The Garlic And Onions.
Consuming a lot of these vegetables will keep bugs away.
Eat a couple of raw onions daily during the summer. Or use a lot of garlic in your cooking. Both of these heart ? healthy foods give off an odor like Thiamine when you perspire.

Get Out the Rub.
Vicks Vapo Rub is very strong. So apply it to your skin, to discourage insects from biting.

Dress DOWN.
Bees are not the only pests attracted to bright colors, and perfumes. Dressing in more subdued colors, - Khaki or white in particular- and not wearing fragrances can help keep bugs away.

Lotion them away.
Avon skin So Soft is recommended for keeping off gnats, and mosquitoes.

By: Bev

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