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The Best Lipstick Colour For Grey Or Yellow Teeth

Beauty : Lips Teeth And Smile

The reality is that we don't all have perfect teeth. Those bleached teeth that all the celebs have or have spent a fortune getting just accessible to most of us who have the realities of daily life to pay for.

So if you have greyer or yellow teeth, then how can you wear your lipstick to still make the most of your teeth and still have a lovely smile?

Well, the key is to use a warm shade of lipstick. Those that work great are colours such as copper for greyish teeth, whilst for yellow teeth you are best going for a cool shade of blue.

By: Stephanie

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Whilst I agree lipstick colour can negate the effect of discoloured teeth and have been choosing colours to do just this over the years I have also tried many of the home whitening systems without much success, however recently I tried a product a friend recommended to me called Pearlie tooth enamel which is basically just a cosmetic tooth paint which does the job, and pretty well. Its easy to apply and well priced and looks fantastic. well worth a try can't belive I actually get complimented on my teeth these days!

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