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Tips For Men On Successful Dating

Relationships : Dating Advice

It is a fact that men and women look for different things in a relationship. Men are more likely to try and pursue other options and compare the physical appearance of their partner to others than are women, though women no doubt are very physically aware too.

Therefore the main tip for men is simply not to look at other women whilst they are dating - rather focus all your attention on your partner.

In this way, you give yourself the best chance of having a relationship that is real and works than fantasy ones with those you meet on your day to day travels.

Also remember to be yourself. If you put on an act to be popular then it may work for a while but you can't keep up an act forever and when you let your guard drop then it will be obvious.

Be sure to shower your lover with attention and flattery, women in particular love this, so be romantic when you can and as the relationship continues don't try to let things get too routine.

By: Stephanie

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