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How To Tolerate Red Eyes

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Doc Says:

You?ll find out that the town, is not the only thing painted red. Don?t be surprised if in the morning, your eyes don?t resemble a ruby colored road map.

But folks partying isn?t the only thing, that will make your eyes burn red the next morning.

Colds, swimming in chlorinated pools, allergies, will turn eyes bloodshot.
But rest assured, the damage is usually minor and temporary.

Here?s some ways we can whiten up those baby blues again:

Apply A cold compress.
If the eyes itch the bloodshot look is probably caused by allergies.
So a cold wash cloth placed over the eyes, will soothe the pain and shrink the blood vessels, if you eyes are bloodshot due to allergies. Hold the cloth over the eyes, until the itchiness subsides. Repeat as often as convenient.

Tired Eyes.
Use a warm wash cloth, if the eyes don?t itch. The warm is better for the fatigued eyes. Staying up all night, but don?t itch. Just place the warm cloth over the eyes for 20 minutes.

Contact Wearers.
READ THE LABEL. If you wear contacts and you notice, more eye redness than in the past. Read the label on the lens cleaner. If you?re not using one labeled preservative free, switch to one that is. Preservatives in the cleaner can cause reddened eyes.

Put A Lid On Red Out.
Eye drops that promise to remove redness should be used only occasionally. They can become habit forming. After using them for a while, you may develop a rebound effect, or if you don?t use the drops your eyes become red. Avoid using these over the counter products for more than four consecutive days. Also try not to use them more than twice a day.

Avoid allergens.
Anybody with allergies, need to, wash their hands after handling pets, makeup, and shampoos. These things could cause red eye flare ups.

By: Bev

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