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How To Wash An Infant's Hair

Cleaning : Haircare

Some toddlers love it but some just can't stand having their hair washed, so it is important to approach this issue with care. Some of them don't like the force of the water in the bath or shower, some of them cry because the shampoo gets in their eyes, and many other reasons. The golden rule is to use a baby shampoo, i.e. a "no tears" formula so that if soap does get in their eyes, it doesn't sting so much.

You might want to try and distract them when they are in the bath with a special toy - there are lots of bath time toys available and this might make it seem more like a treat. You could also make he/she feel special by allowing them to wash their own hair a bit, once you have applied the shampoo and got them started.

Always just use small amounts of shampoo, and when it comes to rinsing don't pour a huge flood of water over their head - use your hands or pour a little slowly from a small cup. Always test the temperature first. But make sure you rinse properly.

If the running water of the bath frightens them, or as a way of stopping the soap from running down their face and thus into their eyes, you could wash their hair by letting them lean back over the sink or even the side of the bath - but you have to make sure they are comfortable and well-supported otherwise they will just complain and wriggle around.

With toddlers it is not necessary to wash their hair everyday - a couple of times a week should suffice, unless of course they get it especially dirty everyday.

By: Bev on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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Put a line of vaseline on their forehead. Now when you shampoo it won't get in their eyes.

I always tell my grandchildren, that grandma has to water the flowers. I even get the sprinkling can. If we don't water the flowers they won't grow. Works every time.
Also if your bathing an infant, put some bath tub decals in the bottom. Then they won't slip.

You can also wear rubber gloves, for more support.

Or put the tike in a round clothes basket in the tub. Wash him in that.

Or put a t - shirt on him. Then you'll have something to grab onto.

You can also put a colander in the tub. Easier for you to scoup up the toys.

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