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How To Win At Top Trumps

Games : Card Games

Top trumps is a game in which you have set of cards on a certain subject, say for instance imaginary creatures.

Each creature card will have around five pieces of information, giving for instance speed and strength.

Each player has a set number of cards dealt and the aim is to win all the cards by calling a value on your card. If you have the higher for that figure than the other player then you win their card.

If lower, they win your card and you then swap over who calls the next value.

When it is your turn to call, the method is easy - simply call the highest value on the card, relative to the others.

You need to get familiar with the cards upfront to work out which are the best cards - some are much stronger than others, whilst some are strong in several values whilst weak in another.

Therefore the best strategy is to familiarise yourself with the whole deck up front and work out and get a 'feel' for what a good value is for a particular category.

By: Stephen

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