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How To Write A Homework Essay

Education : Homework

If you are asked to write an essay for homework, it can be very daunting. In these days of economy of style and minimal writing (for instance whilst sending texts), actually having to explain and elaborate an opinion can be daunting.

Therein is the key - an OPINION. Before you even start writing, no matter what the topic, you need to decide what your take is - what your opinion is - and this will inform what you will write.

For instance, if you are asked to write about a current ethical dilemma in the public eye - perhaps first try to think of what YOU think the right and wrong viewpoints are, and WHY.

Be specific in your essay, and always use EXAMPLES to tease out the key points and thinking.

Try to write in a logical manner. Also remember to have a good start, middle and end. Pay particular attention to the start and end paragraphs - the teacher is most likely to read these in detail and perhaps skim the rest!

By: Carlton

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