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Kakuro is a game that, like Sudoku, has been around for a long time, but has recently grown in popularity. If you're new to kakuro, want to find out what kakuro is and even learn some kakuro strategies, our guide to all things kakuro is here for you:

What is Kakuro
Before you start playing kakuro, you need to know what it is. Here is our description.

Kakuro Rules
This article outlines the rules of Kakuro, so you know how to play the game

How to solve Kakuro
A guide outlining how best to go about solving Kakuro puzzles

Kakuro combinations
There are some Kakuro combinations of which you can be certain! Here's our list.

Kakuro Puzzles
Here are some kakuro puzzles for you:
Gentle Kakuro 1 | Gentle Kakuro 2 | Gentle Kakuro 3 | Gentle Kakuro 4
Kids Kakuro 1 | Kids Kakuro 2 | Kids Kakuro 3
Moderate Kakuro 1 | Moderate Kakuro 2 | Moderate Kakuro 3

Sudoku Player
Had enough of Kakuro? Try out this fantastic online sudoku player!

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