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Do It Yourself

Whatever you want to do in and around the home, whether it be building, decorating or even looking at fitted bedroom furniture, you'll be able to find what you need in the DIY section of Tell Me How which features practical tips, hints and how to's on a wide range of do-it-yourself related tasks.

People generally fall into two categories when it comes to DIY, or do it yourself - those that love it and can think of nothing better to do on a day off than to potter around the house putting up shelves, hanging up roman blinds, perhaps wallpapering, painting, or more besides. Whilst there are others who break into sweat at the thought of simply changing a light bulb and bring people in for relatively small projects. Not to mention attempting to assemble flat pack furniture.

It doesn't matter what particular DIY project you are attempting, there are a range of articles and 'how to's here at Tell Me How which we hope will help, so please browse the relevant category below. And if you feel able to contribute a DIY article yourself, please do so.

Whatever you're doing round the home, always make sure your buildings and contents insurance cover is up to date before starting work!

DIY builder? Then you'll love our hints and tips.

Some good ideas on how to best decorate your house.

Home Repair
We all need to make repairs at home from time to time. Our tips will help you in this task.

Hints and tips on landscaping.

Arts And Crafts
Ideas on making hand-made cards and so on...

How to fix lights on your car yourself and car-related articles...