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Membership Levels

You have probably noticed that different members have a different coloured star by their name.

This is used to display how many posts have been made and how 'experienced' a poster.

Every time a member adds a new article, question or reply that's accepted on to the site, their posts increase by one. The star system works as follows:

Blue star -

New members are shown by a shiny blue star - but as soon as they make their first post accepted onto the site, this becomes green...

Green star -

Members that have made between 1 and 10 posts are shown by a green star.

Red star -

Red stars are used to denote experienced posters, who have contributed between 11 and 50 times to the site, chalking up a lot of experience and articles along the way!

Mega star -

Members who have posted over 50 articles are awarded the highest star, the Tell Me How Mega star, which shows that they are the most experienced and active type of member.

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