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How to shave the bikini area...

When it comes to shaving the bikini line there is one thing that is important over everything else.

And that is to make sure that you have a new blade in your razor.

The reason for this is that it needs to be very sharp to get the smoothest effect and whilst it may not be so important for your legs, for the bikini line having a sharp blade is essential.

Other things to bear in mind when shaving the bikini line are that you can get a closer shave if you go with the grain first, then go against the grain the next time you shave the bikini area.

It takes practice and the first time you shave the bikini line each year you will never get it fully smooth but enough that you are not all hairy when you hit the beach or wear your bikini!
Bikini Line Shaving.
Author: Katherine

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Last Updated: Sep 10th 2006

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Questions Katherine has Answered:

I'm looking for tips on getting a good bikini line as it's summer soon. I've tried waxing but it hurts too much. Depilatories always give me horrible rashes even the sensitive ones. And shaving gives me razor bumps even when i shave with shower gel. Please give me tips.

Hi there If you are looking for a really good bikini line there is no substitute for going to a professional and getting it done rather than a DIY method. However you should treat it as a learning experience and question them for tips on how to get the best effect for you personally and what products etc work best on your skin particularly as you mention you get rashes. Learn from the professionals!

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After shaving, apply an antibiotic,such as Neosporin. You'll have no bumps, redness or other similar problems. It's available at any drug store. Use the cream version, not the ointment. It's too messy.
By: tpk2409

Date of comment: Fri, Jun 20th 2008

Hi Katherine

Great tip - having a sharp and as new as possible razor blade is definitely the key to getting a smooth shave!
By: stephy

Date of comment: Thu, May 10th 2007

Thanks, great tip... this really works!
By: artiste

Date of comment: Thu, May 10th 2007

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