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These tips will clean you out!
These tips are great when you just need a little help:
First,you must if you have washing up in a bowl, do all of the washing so you don't have to come back you it, the drying, tidying up.
Next you could have dusting to do, so if you can not reach some parts, you can use a stool or a small ladder, or, (you have to be careful with this one,)use a chair.
I know we all hate tidying up, but the longer you leave the mess, the messier the mess gets!! So i tend to tidy up my room before my mum comes in and shouts at me!!

When you can see bits of dust, i would rectamend that you do some polishing. Try to put less polish on your duster because you will end up with lots of polish that you don`t really need.
All 4 now!!
Cleaning Tips
Author: Sophie

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Last Updated: Mar 27th 2010

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I think i should write more...
By: coolcat

Date of comment: Sun, Mar 28th 2010

Everybody hates cleaning and chores in general so it is good to be organised.

There are lots of great cleaning tips in the clening section of the site.

So whatever type of object it is that you need to clean whether it is a carpet, the bathroom or a pesky stain that refuses to come out, then you should find the cleaning section is able to help you out!
By: artiste

Date of comment: Mon, Feb 15th 2010

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