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Style your hair like Jessica!

It is hard to say how to look like Jessica Simpson as you either do or you don't! But here is how to get her classic hair style. The good thing about this cut according to the experts is that it suits most people and most faces.
Unless you have a really long face apparently, in which case it won't work. But for everyone else, here's how to get that Jessica Simpson hair style:

First wash your hair.

Once that is done get some mousse into it. Follow that by blow drying it.

Note that the finished look is a little curly or waved, do if your hair doesn't do this naturally then simply use a few ceramic rollers to get this look.

Once the hair has dried out nicely, then it is time to move on and continue with that beautiful hair style.

All you do is backcomb the hair around the crown and to ensure that you don't get a parting appearing in the process.

Next, get all the rest of the hair and put into a ponytail, which you then twist. Use grips to ensure that it stays in place.

As a final touch, use a little Souffle pushed through your hair with your fingers for that final little touch that adds a nice bit of shine to your hair.

And there you go - if you have followed this right then you should have perfect Jessica Simpson hairstyle, well done!
Jessica Simpson Hairstyle
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Last Updated: Oct 30th 2006

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