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Look like Posh Spice with my Victoria style tips!

Victoria Beckham has re-invented herself as a fashion guru, having publicly admitted she always new she wasn't a great singer.

However I read in a recent interview the former Posh Spice said "I can sit in a room with anyone in the fashion business and be respected because I know what I'm talking about".
So if you want to look like Victoria Beckham what to do? Well, as long as you look stylish most things go as she has worn lots of different styles and in fact in one week often gets through an entire different set of outfits. Here are a few ideas:

- Get yourself some of her range of products, for instance shades from her DVB range.

Get a cap, combine with baggy trousers and braces to get the sort of androgynous look she sometimes goes for.

For a night out, then still the clean looking polished black number is hard to beat and Victoria Beckham often seems to wear this sort of ensemble in lots of magazine photos that you see her in, arriving at restaurants and so on.

Go for something tight and that is figure hugging, perhaps a corset dress combined with some nice accessories such as an expensive looking handbag. There are black nylon corset dresses in a few places on the high street so you don't need to break the bank!

Another look the reformed Posh Spice tries in the fashion stakes is the sweater dress - go for a neutral colour with some knee length black leather boots for best effect.

Finally for a good old fashioned night out on the town then Victoria Beckham style seems to often be what most of us girls go for - a plunging black dress! Therefore combine this with your best heels, whack on the lip gloss and get a nice handbag to accessorise, and there you go - a night out, Victoria Beckham style!
Victoria Beckham Fashion
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Last Updated: Oct 30th 2006

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