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Dealing with Depression in a Job Interview

By: Jim123 [30-March-10 6:17AM]
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I am starting to interview for jobs. I have a secret that I don't know how to deal with. I recently graduated college but my grades suffered toward the end of my education because of bipolar depression. It affected me for two years before I was diagnosed. I am now starting the job interview process and wondering what to say about my GPA dip, and semester withdrawals. My early college career went very well, but suffered towards the end. My overall GPA suffered, but my major GPA remained at 3.00. It was the bipolar depression that made my grades suffer, not excessive partying. How do I talk about this issue with future employers, or do I not bring it up? I am on medication now and have been doing much better. I received A's and B's my last semester after starting the medication. What do I say or do in an interview?

Re : Dealing with Depression in a Job Interview

Knowitall [5-April-10 10:32PM]
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This is a tough one to answer.

Unless there is a legal requirement for you to tell the employer about the problem then it is entirely up to you what to do about it and whether to talk to them or not.

If it is something that you envisage could be a problem then it is a tricky one as you don't want to tell them before as it could put them off employing you whilst at the same time if you do it just when employed they could feel that you were withholding information.

Depending on where you are based it might be illegal for them to discriminate anyway based on health issues etc but it is worth discussing with friends, family and your GP to see what they suggest you should do, definitely a tricky one that's for sure.

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