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Interview Tips

By: Jobexpert [23-May-06 2:32PM]
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Interviews are scary things - here is the most important tip to bear in mind before going to an interview!

And that is... [red]preparation[/red]! Work out before the interview the sorts of questions that you are likely to be asked and then prepare answers to them.

Also be sure to think of the best examples of your working career to date and try to bring them into answer the questions to impress with your knowledge, skills and ability.

A mock interview is a great way to practice the real thing, get a friend or family member to ask some questions that you prepare then see how you can deal with answering them.

Remember to be confident and talk slowly in an interview too, this is no time for modesty but at the same time do not be too liberal with the truth either!

Performing at interview

Thetipper [29-May-06 10:54PM]
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Personally I think the biggest thing with interviews is to remember to be yourself.

You also need to be totally honest. If you try to make things up then you only end up digging a hole for yourself, and you will answer much more slowly and maybe contradict yourself as your brain struggles to remember what you have and haven't said; so don't do it - try to get the job on the basis of what you have done.

The other most important aspect is to try to give [blue]concrete examples[/blue] of occasions on which you have displayed the skills you are talking about. Be precise at interview - don't use the words 'things' or 'stuff'. Also remember the interview is about you and not the team that you worked in or managed.

Good luck!



Emmamarie [15-March-09 5:35PM]
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Great advice

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