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One or two page CV

By: Thetipper [29-May-06 10:56PM]
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One of the longest raging debates in career land is whether you should have a one or a two page CV.

The truth is that it doesn't matter. If you only need one page then use one; if you feel you can't fit everything you want into one page then go with two!

More important than the length is the quality. Remember to talk about what you have done with precise language, and keep it punchy and to the point.

Don't talk about yourself in the third person - this sounds either pretentious or strange and really puts off employers.

Also remember that people will scan CVs so have a bold sentence at the top of your CV that tells them exactly who you are and what you do. That may be what determines whether they read on or not and decide whether to give you a chance at interview or not!


One or two page CV

Stephy [1-June-06 5:00PM]
2726 posts


Thanks for this - one of my friend was asking the other day what length of CV was 'right' but it seems that whichever works for the person concerned is the right answer!

Steph x

Re : One or two page CV

Knowitall [9-January-11 8:43PM]
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I know this is an old question but I think always try to condense your CV down to the minimum possible.

Therefore if you can fit it on one go with one but don't chop out important stuff if two pages is more natural.

Just remember that CVs longer than two pages will normally just get shoved in the bin by employers no matter how amazing your career so stick to two pages max. OK I'm being a bit dramatic there, but I've spoken to many employers over the year and most of them expect to see a two page CV or a one page CV for someone who is more towards the start of their career, so therefore whilst a three page CV or longer might not be enough on its own not to get you that interview, it is unlikely to help achieve that end.

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