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Writing a Great CV

By: Jobexpert [22-May-06 10:11AM]
792 posts

Hi Guys

I thought I'd share with you a tip about writing a great CV. Remember that the first thing that an employer will see is the top few lines of your CV.

Therefore use this space to give a bold sentence about yourself and your skills that summarises you and who you are.

This will act as a great way for them to find out quickly who you are and drag their eyes in to read more from your CV.

Any other CV tips out there you'd like to share?

CV - what person to write in

Stephy [3-December-07 1:29PM]
2726 posts

Hi Jobexpert

When writing a CV can you tell me whether it is best to write in the first person or third person, as in

"I have done this"

or "Steph has done this or that"

or is it best to avoid that completely and just put

- Did this or that in year x




Re : Writing a Great CV

Daveyc [6-June-10 7:18PM]
117 posts

Just avoid any direct reference to yourself with those sort of words at all,

so rather than "Steph did this" or "I did that" use bullet points like this:

- Delivered project on time and on budget
- Made the company a million pounds extra revenue in 5 seconds
- Got promoted to best recruit ever within 3 months of being there


Re : Writing a Great CV

LonyTilly [19-August-10 4:19PM]
2 posts

CV's ARE YOU - not steph, quasi or boris - YOU

CV's MUST be tailored to a job so expect to change your CV everytime (not by a lot in general)
eg - just helped my son do his for an apprenticeship in roofing. I went through it and anywhere amongst 'past jobs' that I could use - I made sure it stated about being happy 'working outdoors' or 'all environments' I also leant on his recent success in an NVQ in waste disposal (able to learn) and his sporting hobbies of rugby and cricket (fitness for being a roofer)

AGREE with comment about initial impact or is it IMPACT

Once done ask someone else to read it AND REMEMBER

CV's are to get you an interview. It all changes at interview stage. Ensure you keep a copy of the changed CV !!!!!

Re : Writing a Great CV

Artiste [1-September-10 3:33PM]
232 posts

CVs are daunting things, aren't they!

I think from my limited experience is that the key is to keep it up to date every few months. That way it isn't really daunting, because there are lots of small changes.

Also if you see a new job you like you can move quickly. If you leave the CV for a few years whilst you are happy in a job like many people then when it comes to updating it you might forget some important and impressive projects that you have done with your current company!

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