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Gardening - people tend to either be fascinated with their garden and love spending time in it, or else are not so interesting and perhaps neglect it other than the bare minimum of keeping the lawn trimmed.

If you fall into the latter category, we hope you'll read our articles and change your mind about the joys of gardening. It can be very therapeutic and satisfying, and not only this can really help the local wildlife and attract all sorts of birds and insects and butterflies to your garden.

For those in the former category, then hopefully you'll enjoy some of the ideas that are outlined here, from growing your own fruit and vegetables and the excitement of harvesting your own crops through to information on growing certain plants.

There is information on growing various seeds, from when to plant and whether they prefer acidic soil or not, shade or sun, and what sort of temperature range. If you have any ideas for your own articles, then please do submit to the community and help others develop those green fingers!

Hints and tips on looking after, and making the most of, your garden, large or small.

Growing Plants
Whatever you are growing, our hints will help you have healthy plants.

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