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3: Ask For Feedback

Jobs : The Post Interview Process

So you have that phone call telling you whether it is a 'yes' or a 'no'. Perhaps surprisingly, you should bear in mind the same thing whatever the answer is - that is, feedback.

Any good company will give you feedback if requested as the interviewers will have made notes on you, often quite detailed, in order to help them make their decision after they have interviewed all of the candidates.

The feedback that they offer should be constructive - that is it should not be all bad and destructive.

If it is of this nature, then you should thank your lucky stars - that's not the sort of company that you want to work for and purely negative feedback presented in that light reflects badly on a company and, indeed, the quality of its interviewers.

If the feedback contains blanket statements such as "you came across as immature" with no concrete examples to back it up, then don't worry - the company probably won't be trading for much longer!

By: Job Expert

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