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5 Tips To Prevent Break-outs!

Beauty : Skincare

1. Try to use products that are both hypoallergenic AND non-comedogenic. Hypoallergenic means the product has a low chance of causing an allergic reaction, non-comedogenic means it won't clog your pores.

**I prefer powder based foundations that are applied with brushes.**

2. Avoid using your fingers to apply makeup. It's best to use GOOD quality brushes (it's worth the price to buy them from MAC), but you should clean them often to remove dirt, oil and makeup build-up. Not only does this cut bacteria, but it also makes your makeup apply better if your brush is clean.

**I use MAC brushes, and I clean them with MAC brush cleanser. Clean them after you use them, not before, because if they are wet still your makeup won't apply right.**

3. Wash off your makeup before bed! If you're one of those people that gets lazy at night and doesn't want to get up, keep some pre-moistened cleansing cloths by your bed. They come in containers like wet wipes, but are designed for your face.

**I like Biore cleansing cloths the best, but find what works for you.**

4. Wash your pillows and sheets regularly, especially if you don't always shower or remove your makeup before bed. Your hair and skin leaves oil, dirt, sweat and bacteria on your pillows each night.

**I always use hypoallergenic, unscented laundry detergent for my pillows.**

5. CLEAN YOUR PHONE ANY TIME YOU TIHNK OF IT!! This is a really big one. You touch so many disgusting surfaces with your hands, then touch your phone to dial and answer calls, and then you press your dirty phone against your face (which has enough germs as it is). Yuck!

**I just use rubbing alcohol (it dissolves fast and won't hurt your phone) on cotton swabs. It's cheap and it works!**

By: Valerie

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