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How To Add Great Content To Your Web Site

Computing : Internet

These days it seems that everyone has a web site. But the problem is with so many sites, you really need to make yours stand out. One of the best ways of doing this is to include some interactive content - for instance a feedback form - however with standard HTML you can't do this.

What you need to improve your web skills is to develop knowledge of a straightforward programming language. Why not try PHP? You can get more details from www.php.net. If the server that hosts your web site has PHP capability - and most good ones do - then you'll soon be able to develop some powerful web content.

You can use PHP to create large, dynamic sites where new content is added automatically, you can run the web site from a database, in fact this site was created using PHP.

One of the simplest applications for PHP would be to develop a web form, where by you can email the results to yourself. And sending an email in PHP is as simple as using this command:

mail ("your_email_address", "subject of email", "body");

Good luck! There are some excellent books available from Amazon, so why not click the link to the right of this page and order the book it shows for some superb results and a really powerful web site.

By: Pete Edwards on Sat, Oct 4th 2003

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