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Beauty : Skincare

Do u have spots, or very lumpy cheeks? if u do i have the solution 4 u!

1)Use tea tree oil and witch hazel! they reduce puffiness and redness and reduce spot size!

2)Use toothPASTE not gel, on the spots b4 bed, cuz it should clear up the spots after a couple of days!

3)DON'T touch your face with ure hands or urehair, cuz it gets germs into ure pores, cauzin spots!

4)Drink a lot of water, at least 8 cups a day!

anywayz take this from me, cuz ive had them 4 years, so hope this works 4 u!!!!



By: Kate

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Hi thanks 4 dat

Im going to try that now does it matter what kind of toothpaste it is?


using toothpaste is something i wouldnt adivse as it can make your skin go flaky&itchy. if your spots are as bad as what mines used to be, go to your doctors and see what they think, i did this just under a few months ago and the dr gave me dalacin soloution which does the trick. another thing i recomend is laying of the make-up/hairspray. they can irratate the skin. if you have a fringe keep it off of your face as it makes the skin warm&sweaty which is a great place for bacteria to live on.

hope it helps ya; alannah xx

Heey, toothpaste doesnt work. it made my face sticky and didnt help reduce spot size. what now???????

Hey im only 13 but i have soooo many spots and i hate them. i have started to wash my face every night and morning. but i have read more on the spots and acne section and does toothpaste reall work as i have never tried it. plus i get so many bad blackheads on my chin and on my cheeks, do any of you lovely kind people have some advive for a young girl who is reall self concious about her spots. i will be thankful if you do. Thanks xxx

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