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Anniversary Guide

Relationships : Marriage

Here is a list of each wedding anniversary, so now you know what to buy for that special day!

1st - Cotton (You could buy a clock) Flowers - CARNATION
2nd - Paper (You could buy china) Flowers - LILY OF THE VALLEY
3rd - Leather (You could buy glass) Flowers - SUNFLOWER
4th - Linen (You could buy Fruit,flowers) Flowers - HYDRANGEA
5th - Wood (You could buy Silverware) Flowers - DAISY
6th - Iron (You could buy Wooden objects) Flowers - CALLA
7th - Copper (You could buy Woolen objects) Flowers - FREESIA
8th - Bronze (You could buy Linens,Lace) Flowers - LILAC
9th - Pottery (You could buy Leather goods) Flowers - BIRD OF PARADISE
10th - Tin (You could buy Diamond Jewellery) Flowers - DAFFODIL
11th - Steel (You could buy Jewellery) Flowers - TULIP
12th - Silk (You could buy Pearls,Gems) Flowers - PEONY
13th - Lace (You could buy Textiles,Furs) Flowers - CHRYSANTHEMUM
14th - Ivory (You could buy Gold Jewellery) Flowers - DAHLIA
15th - Crystal (You could buy Watches) Flowers - ROSE
16th - (You could buy Silver Holloware)
17th - (You could buy Furniture)
18th - (You could buy Porcelain)
19th - (You could buy Bronze)
20th - China (You could buy Platinum) Flowers - ASTER
21st - (You could buy Brass/Nickel)
22nd - (You could buy Copper)
23rd - (You could buy Silver Plate)
24th - Opal (You could buy Musical instruments) Flowers - ORCHID
25th - Silver (You could buy Silver) Flowers - IRIS
30th - Pearl (You could buy Diamonds/Pearls) Flowers - LILY
35th - Coral/Jade (You could buy Coral/Jade)
40th - Ruby (You could buy Ruby) Flowers - GLADIOLUS
45th - Sapphire (You could buy Sapphires)
50th - Gold (You could buy Gold) Flowers - YELLOW ROSE/VIOLET
55th - Emerald (You could buy Emerald)
60th - Diamond (You could buy Diamond)
65th - (You could buy Blue Sapphire)
70th - (You could buy Platinum)
75th - Diamond (You could buy Gold)
80th - Oak (You could buy Oak)
85th - Wine (You could buy Wine)

By: Jade

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