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Autograph Collecting: Extreme Tips

Hobbies : Autographs

Have you written to a celebrity many times at a valid address but heard no reply? Here is one tip to try when desperate:

If you suspect that a secretary is being lazy and not passing mail on to be signed, or something like that, then next time you write you could make the point: 'I know your secretary is reading this, instead of you, and I understand it must be tempting just to throw all the mail away, but I'd be really appreciative if you could just take the time to pass this letter on to (whoever it is) for me. Many thanks!'.

If this is the case, then it's just possible this will induce a 'guilt trip' on the part of the secretary, and get them to do something with the letter rather than just ignoring it completely.

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By: Autograph Stan

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