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Avoid Bringing On A Breakout Of Spots

Beauty : Skincare

To avoid bringing on a break out of spots, follow these tips.

If you use a lot of soaps and scrubs, these irritate your skin and dries it out. This then causes it to produce more oil which makes acne worse. Just use water and a gentle cleanser instead.

Too much make up clogs up your pores so its better to go more natural and avoid foundation whenever you can. Tinted moisturiser is better.

Clean brushes you use on a regular basis or apply concealer to your hand and use that on your face instead of direct from the tube.

Keep hair out of your face as this can make your skin greasy.

Tanning dries out your skin too and will also make it produce more oil.

Wash your pillow case regularly and change it to a clean one twice a week. Make sure washing powder isn’t left on it as this may irritate your face. Eat healthily and drink plenty of water to keep your skin as clear and as oil free as possible.

By: Danielle

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