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How To Avoid Razor Burn When Shaving

Beauty : Beach Fashion

If you want to avoid razor burn when you are shaving your bikini line before hitting the beach in your swim wear, then you need to ensure some things:

- The main thing is to use a sharp and new razor blade. Old razor blades can make shaving harder and uneven and therefore lead to that unpleasant red rawness of razor burn

- Also be sure that you when shaving the bikini line you do not press too hard. Rather be gentle but go over the area several times which is much better than one, hard shave and will also stop razor burn

- Remember not to dry shave! And don't use just soap and water either... rather use a proper shaving gel for the bikini line as this is what will work best and again help you avoid razor burn.

Bear this is mind and wear that bikini with pride!

By: Stephanie

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To avoid the burn shave after or in the bath - make sure the razor you are using is not blunt and try not to shave in the same area too many times- as long as the razor is sharp enough you shouldnt need to do this.

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